When: July 28, 2021, 7 p.m.

Where: 206 Seneca Street, Oil City, PA 16301

Wyllis Street Band

The Wyllis Street Band includes locals, Stephen Woods on rhythm guitar, Andy Young on lead guitar and vocals, Marc Rickard percussion and vocals, and Jess Rosen with vocals. The Wyllis Street Band started about 8 years ago in Kay and Steve’s dining room when Steve and Andy decided to get together to just play guitar and pass the time during the winter months. They played and practiced for several years and decided they needed a little more sound in the band and were looking for a drummer/percussionist. They discovered Marc in the audience at a Karma show and asked him what he thought about joining the band. Several months later Marc joined them. Jess and Stephen had talked years before about the fact that she could sing and when they saw her doing karaoke in a local establishment asked her to come to practice the next week. She did, and thus the Wyllis Street Band happened. Stephen had been playing guitar on and off got 50 plus years and studied under local legend Bill Huber Sr. Andy played in a band many years ago and he came from a musical family with several brothers performing also. The bands genre includes rock, blues, and a variety of classics and some more obscure songs ranging from the 60’s through the 90’s with a few more current selections.