When: July 1, 2020, noon

Back Porch GOLD includes local musicians Jim Ahrens, Gary and Joyce Dittman, who have casually played music together on Jim’s back porch for many years. Having gone to the same High School, Jim and Gary became reacquainted a number of years ago while playing guitars together in a Honky Tonk for Community Playhouse, Inc. Their similar guitar styles and skills compliment and challenge each other in ways that make each of them better musicians. Joyce and Gary have performed together many times for CPI audiences as well for the weddings of family and friends, so adding her vocals has been a natural addition to Jim and Gary’s guitars. Although “Back Porch GOLD” usually just plays on the back porch, they have played Christmas shows, barbecues, festivals, and at the Venango County Fair. Back Porch GOLD covers many genres like Simon and Garfunkle, the Eagles, James Taylor, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Zac Brown, and more.