When: Sept. 25, 2020, 7 p.m.

Price: $25.00

FACEBOOK BASICS – How to start growing your Art Business on Social Media / by

Professional Artist Rachel J. Wheeler

Friday Evening: September 25, 2020 @ Transit Arts Gallery & Gifts

7:00 to 8:30pm

Cost: $25.00 per person

Registration limited to 8 people on site


ON LINE beginning September 28, 2020 (this class is recorded and can be replayed as

many times as you desire)Cost: $25.00 Per person



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Brief summary of class: Afraid of Facebook? Feel like you don’t understand how to use

social media? Then this is class for you! Professional artist and entrepreneur Rachel J.

Wheeler will walk you through the essentials of running and growing successful

Facebook page. Some topics that will be covered are: Facebook page creation, creating

your first post, and how to start growing your following to sell more art.

Artist Bio:

Rachel grew up in the small town of Oil City, PA where, from an early age, her

love for drawing far outweighed all other things. Surrounded by a creative and artistic

family, soon she wanted nothing but to be an artist. With her family’s encouragement

she began to pursue art as a career and Rachel graduated Summa Cum Laude from St.

Vincent College with a bachelor in Studio Arts in 2017. To this day she continues to

develop her talents by working as a professional artist in her new home of Latrobe, PA.

Her recent achievements include acceptance into the Mr. Fred Rodgers Juried Exhibit

(2018), holding her first solo exhibit ‘First Light’ (2019), and starting her own art

business (Rachel Wheeler Arts) where she currently creates paintings that emphasize

the immense beauty that can be found in the ‘little moments’ of each day.

For Rachel, the best part about being an artist is letting each painting teach her

something new. Every subject has their own challenges, their own lessons and you

never know what a painting will throw at you. She truly believes working in the studio

every day is the greatest teacher any artist could have.


2013-2017 – Bachelors in Studio Art, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe PA

2016 – 2017 Saint Vincent Gallery Internship – Gallery Inventory Assistant

2017 Archabbey Stained Glass Internship under Stained Glass Artist Br. Mark Floreanini, OSB